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All our new websites are designed to adapt the layout of any screen from desktop monitor, tablet to a smartphone.

Do i need a responsive website design?
Yes you do  – 45% of internet users use mobile devices/tablets as their primary method of accessing internet so you cannot ignore having a responsive website

Now you might be thinking “I already have a really good looking website and it can be viewed on any device” How does this make a difference?
Yes that’s true, but there is nothing more annoying than trying to use a website that hasn’t been built to work on a smartphone, forcing the user to scroll/resize to view your website. It’s not a good user experience.

How can i say if my website already uses responsive web design?
If your website is responsive then it should be easy for you to read without resizing/zooming and you should not see a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.

“Responsive website design gives a good user experience”